artful glow: Where Scent Meets Artistry

Meet the Founder: Christian's Story

At artful glow, our journey begins with a passion for the transformative power of scented candles.

Christian, our founder, has always been fascinated by how a candle's aroma can elevate mood and create diverse experiences. A lifelong candle enthusiast and an advocate of the vegan lifestyle, Christian views candle making as an art form—a delicate blend of creativity, scent, wax, and wick selection.

This artistic perspective and commitment to vegan principles are the driving forces behind our choice of materials and the very essence of our brand name, "artful glow." Here, we see candle making not just as a craft, but as an art that brings light and beauty into life.

  • Our Craft: The Art of Hand-Pouring

    At our small studio in Costa Mesa, California, each artful glow candle is hand-poured by us with care and precision. We believe in the beauty of small batch production, ensuring that every candle we create is a testament to our dedication to quality. Our process involves meticulous scent selection, ensuring that each fragrance perfectly complements our organic coconut wax and natural wicks. Our goal is to craft candles that are not just objects, but experiences that enrich your space.

  • Materials with a Conscience

    We are steadfast in our commitment to the environment and our vegan ethos. This commitment is reflected in our choice of vegan coconut wax, all-natural cotton and wooden wicks, and our use of glass and our choice of vessels. We chose coconut wax not only for its natural properties and benefits in candle making but also because it aligns with our eco-conscious values. Each artful glow candle is a celebration of nature, crafted with respect for our planet.

  • Our Mission and Values

    At artful glow, we passionately craft hand-poured organic candles and wax melts, illuminating spaces with scented artistry. Driven by our unwavering commitment to sustainability and quality, we strive to infuse every creation with eco-consciousness, captivating scents, and exquisite design. Our mission is to bring joy to our customers while nurturing the planet, embodying the perfect harmony between art, nature, and the glow that brightens lives.